Delphi & Saint Lucas Monastery FULL DAY

Book a full day taxi trip and discover Delphi, the world famous ancient sanctuary and the historic monastery of Saint Lucas, a magnificent sample of Byzantine architecture.

Both Delphi and Saint Lucas are considered sites of huge importance in the ancient world and therefore recognized as Word Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The Monastery of Saint Lucas is one of the last three largest remaining monasteries from the Middle Byzantine period and is located on a beautiful slope of Mountain Helicon. The Monastery was well known over Byzantium for its magnificent collection of murals and mosaics. Founded during the early 10th century AD by hermit Saint Lucas (Greek: Hosios Lukas) whose relics where said to have healing effects (through “myron”, an essence oil), a notion that led pilgrims to visit the tomb and hope for a miracle.
After our visit to the Monastery we will continue our drive and head to Delphi, located in a south-western slope of Mount Parnassus. Delphi is world famous for the site of its oracle, where priestess Pythia foretold the future, as well as for the Temple of Apollo and the Pythian Games. Furthermore, the site was considered by Greeks to be the center of the world and during ancient years was connected to goddess Gaia, Mother Earth. A little further up you will visit the beautiful ancient theatre, amphitheatrically placed on the mountain slope, allowing you a full view of the whole ancient sanctuary. You can also visit the Delphi Archaeological Museum and discover a splendid collection of archaeological treasures such as the Charioteer, the winged Sphinx, pediments from the temple of Apollo and much more. Time to relax and enjoy walk in the scenic village of Delphi, closely located to the ancient site with a variety of tourist facilities. You can have a traditional meal and discover local products and wines in one of the restaurants or taverns located in the area. When you are ready we will start our pleasant drive back to the city of Athens.



Trip Info

Start/End point: I will pick you up from your accommodation or wherever you wish and drive you to your desired destination
Tour Duration: 8 – 10 hours
Lunch break
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